Data center in Iceland powered by renewable energyThe IT industry has one issue that still needs to be worked out, and soon preferably, if it were to make a greener impact. Data centers are great for the world since everyone’s digital memories are stashed away there, but how many of the data centers in the world are truly “green”? UK-based co-location vendor Verne Global decided to move to Iceland to achieve this vision, claiming that they are about to open a 100% carbon neutral data center before the year comes to a close.

Using natural cooling thanks to the weather there alongside electricity generated by geothermal and hydroelectric sources, this is one interesting method of staying green. I still wish that scientists are able to harness the power of volcano eruptions one day, imagine the kind of juice that can be generated!

The new data center can support up to 250,000 square feet of computing and technical space, consuming over 100 megawatts of power while boasting 8-terabit-per-second connectivity to the US and Europe. Interesting, no?

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