Electronic Arts, one of the powerhouses when it comes to electronic gaming, has yet to cater to the rather sizeable Android community where games are concerned. Nice to know that the tide is changing slowly but surely with Electronic Arts porting over Dead Space to the Android platform. Hopefully their upcoming effort will be far superior compared to the bunch of games of theirs on the Android Market which garnered a whole lot of 1-star reviews as opposed to the other end of the spectrum with 5-stars.


There was no press release to accompany this bit of news, but we have confirmed the existence of such a port after Samsung paraded a near-final build of Dead Space that used the running Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the hardware of choice as part of the promotion for the upcoming Games Hub. So far, initial impressions online have proved to be nothing but positive comments, with certain quarters going so far as to say it boasts of the most impressive graphics on an Android device to date.

Guess EA programmers decided to make sure the Tegra 2 chipset within Galaxy Tab 10.1 is fully taken advantage of. Will we see future console titles make their way to Android devices down the road as the hardware gap is closed?

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