Electric Zero DS ferry police around in an effort to go greenCatching criminals, escorting VVIPs, and going around on beats are all part and parcel of being a policeman – and for those living in England, seeing a police officer on a large motorbike from the likes of BMW or Honda might be commonplace, but you could very well catch them on a far smaller motorbike in due time – the green, all-electric 2011 Zero DS.

Running on batteries, this lightweight bike is a snap to handle, where it might end up being the perfect machine for officers who want to chase criminals along London’s miles of canal paths, footpaths and Royal parks. Not only that, it has an educational role as the 2011 Zero DS is poised to see action at the roadside to help educate motorcyclists on the right kind of road behavior in addition to participating in its “BikeSafe” and “ScooterSafe” rider education programs.

Being an electric motorbike, you can forget about this making high speed chases down the highway, although it won’t be underequipped, boasting similar police equipment that is found on the Met’s regular motorbikes.

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