We do know that those of us living Stateside will be getting a redesigned Nintendo Wii in the form of the black Wii Holiday bundle, but what about our friends living across the pond? Not to fret – they too, will be on the receiving end of this bundle of joy, where the new Wii will be out when November 4th rolls around. That is just a fortnight after we get ours, so that isn’t too long a time to wait.

It seems that the American bundle will be better in terms of value, as the European bundles are equipped with Wii Party and Wii Sports. I guess at this point in time, the entire reason for the redesign would be to remove Gamecube functionality, as the redesigned models sport similar dimensions as the standard Wii. Not only that, pricing remains the same as its predecessor, but I’m not quite sure whether you’d miss Gamecube support or not in the long run.

Would you be on the receiving end of one of these redesigned models, or do you still pop in a Gamecube title from time to time on your Wii, making that omission a deal breaker in the new model?

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