FCC wants GPS connectivity in all phones by 2018The idea of having a phone which does not have GPS connectivity might be rather mind boggling to some – considering how comfortable we’ve become with our smartphones that have everything but the kitchen sink these days. Well, the FCC has our best interests at heart always, hence their intention to make it compulsory to include GPS connectivity in all phones by the time 2018 rolls around.

The FCC says that all telephone service providers, including those who offer VoIP services, must come with GPS capability by 2018. There is a very good reason behind that line of thinking, not because people tend to get lost far more often these days, but due to the fact that it is easier to pin-point the location of 911 calls to deliver the right kind of aid in time.

No idea on when the final deadline for use of phones not equipped with GPS will be, but until then, all 911 calls that are made from phones without GPS will need the carrier to triangulate the caller’s location from cell towers. Obviously, this is the far less efficient and accurate way of locating a person in distress.

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