Galaxy Nexus a Verizon exclusive?There has been word floating around that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be a Verizon exclusive, something which people have been arguing about. Some say that AT&T and T-Mobile will be getting the Galaxy Nexus as well, although Verizon’s “exclusivity” clause is limited to it being a LTE handset – which clearly other carriers do not offer.

I guess it is all technical mumbo jumbo, since to be able to advertise your offerings as a exclusive device will certainly go a long way in helping increase your profile. For example, assuming the Galaxy Nexus is exclusive to Verizon, it will only be in the US, and I don’t think Samsung would want to limit their new flagship phone to just one carrier when the market is ripe and ready to see the epic face off between the iPhone 4S as well as whatever other manufacturers throw towards Apple’s direction.

What do you think?

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