German authorities relies on spyware for surveillanceDo the ends justify the means? I suppose German authorities think so, as law enforcement authorities from a bunch of German states did confirm to use special computer software for intelligence gathering purposes, especially during criminal investigations. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann let the cat out of the bag after a trojan was discovered recently by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), where it was being used by the state’s Office of Criminal Investigation in the past.

This trojan is widely believed to be the creation of a German software and telecommunications company known as Digitask, and it seems to be specially designed to meet the surveillance needs of law enforcement agencies. A Landshut-based lawyer named Patrick Schladt is obviously not too happy with this bit of news, claiming that the use of trojans means authorities have overstepped legal boundaries.

What do you think? Are other governments employing a similar tactic in their monitoring work, and is your computer really that secure now? I guess if you aren’t involved in any shady deals, then you obviously have nothing to worry about, but the intrusion of privacy could be of concern to some.

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