It is more or less a given that the US and UK are extremely tight allies ever since World War 2 ended, and when something rolls out in the US, it is often a matter of time before the same device makes an appearance across the pond. I guess the same can be said for software releases as well, where Google Books which has been a US exclusive ever since it was introduced will finally make its way to the UK.

UK citizens are now able to download the Google Books app, not to mention gaining access to the Books section under the Android Market app. While the Android Market does not yet feature the Books section, it ought to be on its way pretty soon. Voracious readers in the UK are able to access the world’s largest ebooks collection at the moment, being able to choose from hundreds of thousands of e-books from a variety of UK publishers such as Hachette, Random House and Penguin.

Apart from that, there will be over 2 million public domain e-books available for free. If you’re living in the UK, are you going to give Google Books a go on your Android device?

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