Google to shut down several productsOne thing great about Google is that it knows its failures from its successes and that it knows how to put them down instead of keeping them around. Well Google has recently announced the shutting down of a handful of services that failed to take off or just weren’t very useful at all. Some of them will be closed down for good, while others might be turned into features of other products. Here’s what’s going and don’t be surprised if you’ve never even heard of them in the first place:

Code Search, a site for helping people search for open source code will be shut down on January 15th 2012; Google Buzz, the company’s own version of Twitter will be shut down in a couple of weeks; Jaiku, another Twitter-like service will be shutting down January 15th 2012; iGoogle’s social features will be removed January 15th 2012 and the University Research Program for Google Search will be shut down on January 15th 2012 as well.

If you were users of any of these services, well I guess it’s time to bid farewell to them some time in the near future.

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