GuardBo is your third eyeSome of us keep dogs as a form of security instead of companionship, and unless you are going to train that pooch really well in the right way, I’d suggest investing in a proper security system instead. Or at the very least, don’t purchase a friendly breed like a labrador who would most probably welcome any would-be thief. Instead of flesh and bone, why not settle for something more mechanical like say, a robot? Enter the GuardBo by the Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute (KSITRI) that does seem misleading at first. It resembles a child’s toy, boasting a bright colored plastic shell as well as the ability to change its expressions, but functions as a home security robot instead.

You basically leave it on round the clock, where its multiple sensors are smart enough to detect smoke, gas leakages, unauthorized entry, and natural or man-made disasters. Seems to be a pre-cursor to R2-D2 from the sounds of it, don’t you think so? Hopefully it will have the smarts to return to a docking station or power outlet when it starts to run out of juice.

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