Hand gesture unlocks door like magicWant to impress your date to think that you do have telekinetic powers of sorts? Well, perhaps you might want to get this new kind of locking system installed in your home – where your door can be unlocked with but a simple hand gesture. Yes, that’s right, a faculty member from the Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan actually came up with such a system in order to eliminate fumbling for your keys when you’re in a hurry.

Tsai Yao-Pin and his team of researchers behind this “invisible key” has made what some might deem as magic in the past possible thanks to a special chip-and-accelerometer combo that has been incorporated. The chip itself can track your hand movements in three dimensions, and once recorded, said gestures can be stored for future use. I am not quite sure whether there are any other failsafes built into the system or not, since someone else who has been stalking you might want to gain entry into your home by memorizing the kind of hand gestures you use.

Perhaps pair that up with a fingerprint reader and iris scanner would make most of us feel a whole lot safer, what do you think about that?

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