HD Radio to arrive in Cadillac models next yearWe did talk about the Cadillac CUE system that will be arriving sometime next year in all their models, and among the technologies involved would be HD Radio. HD Radio will basically deliver crystal-clear digital sound as well as enhanced features, where it will make its way across numerous new Cadillac models during the 2012 calendar year. Currently, around 20 automotive brands have already made an announcement concerning HD Radio Technology that will be factory installed in makes such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, MINI USA, Rolls-Royce, Scion, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Currently, there are more than 2,300 AM and FM stations which broadcast using HD Radio Technology, boasting over 1,300 additional digital only FM HD2/HD3/HD4 multicast channels that will keep your ears peeled with the latest programs from your favorite DJs. Would the inclusion of HD Radio make you want to pick up a Cadillac next year? [Press Release]

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