Homes that lack cable to triple in 5 yearsThe Internet is a truly wonderful thing, as it helps one communicate with another despite being separated by thousands of miles, apart from being a treasure trove of (mis)information to boot. Well, entertainment in your living room is also no longer the same with the Internet, and by the time 2016 rolls around, the number of households that do not subscribe to a traditional pay TV service is said to triple in number – that is 9 million households according to Magnaglobal.

Out of that figure, around 4 million are folks who used to be cable subscribers but decided to cancel it because they preferred to get their daily dose of TV via the Internet thanks to a set top box or computer that has been hooked up to their TV sets. As for the remaining 5 million or so people who are cable-free ended up that way without signing up for cable or satellite service in the first place.

What will players in the cable industry do to prevent this eventual catastrophe? Well, Comcast and Verizon have already sent pre-emptive strikes with rumors of delivering cable subscriptions to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console that in a way also functions as a set top box. As for Comcast, they harnessed the “enemy’s” power for their own good by introducing a Web TV initiative known as “TV Anywhere”.

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