HTC logoWe know that HTC has been having some patent infringement woes with Apple, and despite Google throwing some patents their way, it still looks like HTC may not have enough patents to give Apple a run for their money, which is why it is not surprising to have learnt that the company is “very open” to future acquisitions that will add on to their existing portfolio of patents.

With companies and individuals coming up with more innovative inventions and ideas everyday, it is easy for companies to step on each others toes, and it is equally easy for patent trolls to buy up a bunch of vague patents and attempt to sue smaller companies into paying them royalties.

This is why HTC was reported as continuously looking to increase their patent portfolio, to prevent such legal situations from arising and to defend themselves should such a situation arise, according to HTC’s Chairwoman, Cher Wang. With the recent deal with Beats Audio (which subsequently saw its technology integrated into some of HTC’s phones), and the not-so-recent deal with S3 Grahpics, we’ll have to wonder who’s next on HTC’s to-buy list.

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