HTC logoWith our phones being more than capable of doubling up as our portable media player, it made sense that HTC tried to give themselves an edge over the competition by purchasing a majority stake in Beats Audio, which they then integrated into several of their upcoming phones. While we have no doubts that Beats Audio will be bringing an improvement to audio quality on selected HTC handsets, is there a chance it could better, or could there be other uses for it as well?

While we are unable to answer that question for now, HTC has released the API for the Beats Audio to developers, and according HTC, the API tools will allow third-party developers to “harness the potential of Beats Audio and bring that top-notch audio experience to their own apps.” With games on our smartphones (or in general) being more about the gaming experience and content rather than its soundtrack, perhaps we could be seeing games in the future come with better audio quality, or emphasized with a soundtrack that will be able to make use of the Beats Audio technology.

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