Broadband Could Save $7200 To The Average American Family [IIA]

The Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) has published a study that shows that broadband access could save an average of $7200 per year to the average American family (this takes into account the cost of broadband – about $500/yr). “Could” is important here, because in the real-world, users have to take action to actually save. According to IIA, broadband access can help save a lot of money on the top 10 items that families spend on every year, among which $5000 in entertainment and $30000 in automobile. According to them, savings can be made by using discounts and sales that are available only online.

There’s no question that broadband access is a great thing for those who can afford it as many of the deals and discounts are available there. If you want to look at the full methodology used by the IIA, head to their website. I don’t know how many of you would recognize their usage pattern in the study, but this is an average after all.

What’s for sure is that it is possible to get much cheaper deals on apparel, news, prescription drugs and travel. Which of those 10 areas do you save the most on, thanks to broadband?

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