Now don’t laugh at this real life anecdote – many years ago when I was still a young ‘un, I was walking my date to a steak house and having seated her inside and made our orders, I proceeded to walk around the place to check out its premises. Taking a stroll at their garden, I decided to venture back before the appetizers arrived – and I still cannot for the life of me pinpoint why I walked into the glass wall – I clearly thought it was open air! Woe is me then, when I came across news that a Japanese firm has successfully developed what they call, ‘Invisible Glass’.

Their new substrate can hardly be seen simply because light is hardly reflected – quite unlike ordinary glass. Nippon Electric Glass Co. Ltd. is the company behind this new “invisible glass” that was exhibited it at FPD International 2011. I sure hope that commercial spaces and retail stores will not install this on their premises, as it would certainly result in more accidents if there were more of “me” in this world.

What about you – have you walked into a glass door or wall before?

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