iPhone 4S ReviewHave you ever wondered why the Xbox 360 failed to make any headway in Japan, but the iPhone as well as McDonalds have managed to plenty of inroads in the Land of the Rising Sun? I guess it is a clever balance of timing, opportunity and of course, the product itself. The iPhone 4S has just been released in Japan, and according to BCN Rankings, sales figures of the iPhone’s latest outing in that part of the world has been nothing short of impressive.

For starters, the 64GB iPhone 4S by all carriers accounted for nearly 20% of all phones sold, while the 32GB model comprised of 19.4% of handsets moved, with the 16GB models occupying a more modest 14.5% figure. The other competitors were clearly blown away, as the closest the Galaxy S2 could come to was a paltry 3.4%.

This is just the current trend in Japan, and is not reflective of future sales figures in any way. Do you think the iPhone 4S will be able to keep up its phenomenal sales rate in weeks to come?

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