iPhone 4S name dropped in iTunes betaIs the iPhone 4S legit or not? While we continue the mad scramble to bring you the latest on what’s happening at Apple’s press conference at the moment, including the long awaited iPhone 5 announcement, bear in mind that there are whispers of yet another handset being in line for a release – the iPhone 4S. Others think that the two phones are actually the same in an attempt to throw off balance any potential rumors, but it seems that there is a very real possibility of two phone announcements today as the most recent beta version of Apple’s iTunes name-checks the “iPhone 4S”.

There were references to the iPhone 4S in the latest beta version, appearing twice in the program’s code that points towards a black and white model, and is accompanied by a picture that seems to look pretty much like an iPhone 4 – perhaps that is just a placeholder image? Others claim that these references have already been around within the iTunes software infrastructure for a month.

What do you think would be the iPhone 4S? Is it the iPhone 5 in disguise but bandied about as a red herring, or could it be a souped up iPhone 4? Let’s hope Tim Cook gets to the nitty gritty fast instead of teasing us incessantly…

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