“There’s an app for that” has been a familiar tagline for the longest time now, and the iPhone has proved to be a rather versatile device in monitoring your health as well as exercise regimes amidst the many apps out there. Heck, it is even useful as a medical imaging device by equipping the iPhone with a lens in order to show the size and count of red blood cells. This is a nifty experiment in exploring the creativity of using everyday tools to enhance our life, and it would definitely come in handy to diagnose blood-related health conditions or diseases in the most primitive of working conditions.

With a low-magnification lens, high-resolution images are created as it can capture enough light for the iPhone’s camera to work efficiently. This means health care workers who are armed with the iPhone are able to send data from a developing country’s hospital or rural clinic to labs for proper diagnosis. Apart from that, US students are also able to use the mobile medical device right in the middle of their science classes – talk about improvisation!

I wonder whether anyone bothered to apply the same kind of technique onto an Android-powered smartphone or a Nokia handset just to be fair in terms of bragging rights.

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