iTunes Match beta accounts get reset tomorrowApple did send a notification to developers this evening that they will reset iTunes Match beta accounts tomorrow so that they can improve the “overall quality and reliability” of the service right before the much anticipated public launch happens. The entire beta period that begun from late August onwards did see periodical warnings of data resets for the service sent. After iOS 5 and iCloud were released to the masses early October, it is widely speculated that Apple’s move to delete “all current iCloud libraries” of iTunes Match beta testers will point towards an imminent launch.

Basically, developers were informed to turn off iTunes Match on their computers and iOS devices so that the wipe can proceed in a smooth manner, and just in case you forgot your basic computing knowledge, it is always prudent to perform a backup of all your information stashed away in iCloud – just in case.

When iTunes Match rolls out for good, it will cost $24.99 annually, where you will be on the receiving end of a convenient scan and match service that is smart enough to know just which songs on your hard drive are also there on the iTunes Music Store. A match means those songs will be made accessible from iCloud.

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