When Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman unveiled the Jawbone Up earlier this year, it certainly turned heads as this is no doubt totally different from what you would expect from the name ‘Jawbone’. After all, Jawbone had always meant a Bluetooth headset that offered unparalleled audio quality, relying on bone conduction technology to get the job done. While no official release date was revealed back then, it seems that the Jawbone Up that will target the health conscious has already made its way to Apple’s online stores and Jawbone’s very own website today, albeit briefly, signalling an official launch that we can more or less say, is “imminent”.

The Jawbone Up is a delectable looking wristband that sports a built-in accelerometer, where it will be able to retain data on how active you are throughout the day, alongside how well you have been sleeping. A screenshot of Apple Italy’s online store shows that the Jawbone Up will come in a trio of sizes, where it will go for around €99. Would you be picking this puppy up when it arrives? Just a little bit of trivia though – it made its way to the AT&T store earlier this month.

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