Soundbar systems are a great way to achieve decent sounds from your home theatre system while saving space, which is great for those who may not have the luxury of placing multiple speakers around their living room. If a soundbar system is what you’re looking for, JVC Kenwood has unveiled three new soundbar systems that will also allow you to dock your iPhone/iPod touch.


These three new soundbar systems are the TH-LB1, TH-LB2 and TH-LB3. All three models will support docking of your iPhone/iPod touch and allows you to remotely control your phone’s audio library thanks to the JVC Bar Sound remote. All three models will feature 2x30W output at 4Ohms and measure in at 600x75x148mm.

The difference between the TB-LB3 and the TH-LB1 and TH-LB2 models is that the TH-LB3 will feature ARC and 3D Audio, along with 2 HDMI outputs and 1 HDMI input. The TH-LB1, TH-LB2, and TH-LB3 will retail for ¥23,000 (~$303), ¥26,000 (~$342), ¥36,000 (~$474) respectively.

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