Getting about on a bicycle can be one of the more liberating modes of transport, although some might say that it can get rather dangerous as well. After all, during the evenings or at night, a car or other vehicle might just knock you down simply because they failed to see your presence. LED by LITE might help you out here though, where four strips of silicone-encased LED bulbs will see a couple of those mounted on your bicycle’s front forks, with the remaining two that sport red bulbs end up on the seat stays.

Since all four strips are waterproof, you need not worry about rain and the elements. They are also highly portable, being removed and reinstalled by the cyclist in just seconds, and a rechargeable 12-volt lithium-ion battery pack is there to deliver all the relevant amount of juice required.

These LEDs will not only make you visible to others, they are also bright enough to light up the road ahead. At the dashboard lies left- and right-turn buttons so that people will be able to know just which direction you are turning.

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