Forget about Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, as the world of video games has crossed over into the physical realm as the streets of Tokyo were momentarily visited by the most popular pair of brothers in video game lore – the Mario and Luigi of Nintendo fame. It seems that the popular Mario Kart game has spilled over into real life, where folks from Japanese car site Cliccar actually took the trouble to dress up as Mario and Luigi, while going around Tokyo on their modified but street legal X-Karts. These carts won’t be as fast as what you’d experience in the video game, maxing out at 35mph without modification and 50mph with. There aren’t any red turtle shells to see here, but if you’re in Japan and want to experience a little bit of Mario Kart action, then be prepared to fork out $4,900 (after conversion) for one of these beauties.

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