Mass Effect 3 gets co op missionsYou can tell a lot of a person’s personality and character through the way he/she plays a game – and some of us can see right away that said person prefers to fly it solo and not rely on anyone else to complete a particular title, while others want a far more social experience, hence drifting towards guilds and the like. Well, I guess both camps will be kept happy with Mass Effect 3 as multiplayer co-op missions for it has already been confirmed, where these missions are playable online.

According to Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson, “They’re real, and they’re spectacular. Rest assured it’s nothing of what you’ve feared.” BioWare also tweeted that the full details will be released in due time, and I guess this will definitely add to the game’s popularity when released. The kind of gaming move was done most probably to have it be in line with Mass Effect 3′s shift to a more action-oriented adventure.

Are you going to grab yourself a copy of Mass Effect 3 when it comes out?

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