Microsoft Zune hardware not dead...again?
A couple of days ago, we reported that Microsoft officially pronounced the Zune player dead on the Zune support website. It seems that the announcement might have been a mistake. Responding to a Tweet about the Zune hardware being dead, @ZuneSupport stated that the announcement might have been an error and that there are no longer any pages on the Zune website that mention the discontinuation.

Sure enough, the link to the Zune support page we posted on Monday no longer works but fortunately we have a screenshot of the page before it was removed (posted above), courtesy of According to @ZuneSupport, “The Zune hardware is still being supported. There is no official info pertaining to discontinuing it.”

This sounds pretty fishy to me. Was it a deliberate “mistake” by Microsoft to generate hype for its portable media player? It certainly is working, but what’s the point of the hype for nothing? Unless a new device was on its way…Lets see what happens in the coming weeks. Hopefully Microsoft will be making an official announcement to clear the air.

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