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New iPhone to carry voice recognition technology? (updated)

If there’s one thing that Android had over the iPhone, it’s the presence of voice recognition technology. While it’s not completely integrated with the whole system, Android’s voice recognition functions are tied into to the Voice Actions app and texting, which is good enough for most people. However, according to a report from Bloomberg, it looks like Apple will attempt to best it with the release of the new iPhone.

Apparently the next iPhone will carry next-generation voice recognition capabilities, with the ability to perform all sorts of tasks just by using voice alone. Send texts, emails, surf the web, or make appointments in your calendar without having to type a single word.┬áSounds pretty interesting, and if implemented well could be a huge step up above the competition for the iPhone. Well, the iPhone announcement will be in a couple of hours (10am PT) so stick around and we’ll see whether this function will be present in the iPhone 5/4S.

Update 5.55PM: It looks like voice commands has been confirmed for the new iPhone. The iPhone 4S will support voice commands thanks to the Siri assistant feature. What sets it apart from Android is the fact that Siri can talk back to users, which is pretty cool. Find out more about Siri.

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