If you thought that the Nintendo 3DS was rather bulky after it has the 3DS Circle Pad as company, you’re right. The entire thing is a peripheral of monstrous proportions to say the least, bringing the 3DS to first generation PSP-like proportions, making it pretty tough to slip into your pockets in a non-chalant manner. Well, so far the Circle Pad has seen action only in the Land of the Rising Sun, so those of us living Stateside will have to import one if we wanted it. Guess all of that is about to change with word that the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad will be released Stateside sometime early next year.

It might not seem to be the brightest marketing move considering how the holiday season would have been over by then, which is traditionally a strong period for businesses to experience brisk sales as we give in to the annual retail therapy procedure, but better late than never, no? According to a Capcom representative, the attachment will be released in time for use with Resident Evil: Revelations that will hit the US a week before Valentine’s Day next year. Now we await an official Nintendo statement for further confirmation.

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