Nissan LEAF to home charging system at CEATEC[CEATEC 2011] Nissan’s vision of the electric car has culminated in the Nissan LEAF which we have already taken out for a spin nearly half a year ago, and this time around at CEATEC 2011, Nissan decided to parade their “LEAF to Home” charging system that paves the way for electricity that is stored in your LEAF’s batteries to be used to power your humble abode. Yes sir, the next time there is a brownout or a power cut because you forgot to pay your bills, here comes your LEAF to save the day.

Of course, I would say that this bit of information comes in extremely handy only if it were to be applied in emergencies such as earthquakes and the like – otherwise, to have your electric car discharge its battery power so that you can boil some water with an electric kettle? It doesn’t make much sense, especially when you need to head off for work first thing in the morning, and public transport is not the mode of travel for you.

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