Nokia beats Q3 projectionsIt’s a bit what analysts consider to be failures and success, and in the case of yesterday’s report on Apple’s Q4 earnings, it seemed that some analysts were disappointed as Apple’s earnings did not meet their expectations, despite Apple breaking several of their own records in terms of iPhone 4S’ sold. In the case of Nokia’s Q3 earnings which was recently revealed, it seemed that while not exactly turning a profit, Nokia managed to surpass the expectations that many had for the Finnish company.

Despite Nokia’s net sales and operating profit dropping by 13% and 60% year-over-year, shares of the Finnish company actually went up in value because while the company experienced losses, its sales surpassed previous estimates by moving 16.8 million smartphones in Q3 of 2011, which was more than many had expected. We’re guessing that the company will need to move a lot more smartphones, especially if they’re hoping to curb their losses and get back to their former glory days.

With the company banking pretty much everything they’ve got on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, we think that Nokia is more excited/worried/nervous about their upcoming devices than their customers. With Nokia World coming up, let’s hope that Nokia will be able to deliver.

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