Nokia Pulse beta jumps aboard the check in bandwagonThere is already a fair number of apps that do the ‘check in’ thang – but Nokia feels that the market is large enough to accommodate one more player – themselves. Nokia World 2011 also saw the announcement of Nokia Pulse, where this particular app was specially concocted to address what Nokia deems to be some of the most commonly asked questions on smartphones: “Where are you?”, “How do I get there?”, and “Where should we meet?”

Nokia Pulse is no Siri, but it intends to help you answer such questions with but a single tap, so that you can add more details to your whereabouts with every conversation. It does not matter whether you are picking someone up or dropping someone off, Pulse is said to be as instant, private, and simple as sending a text, although it offers more benefits by being far more useful, engaging and fun.

Currently in beta, you can also create as many groups as you like, ranging from Family to Friends, Soccer Club, Neighborhood Watch, High School PTA Club.

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