It seems that men of the celebrity kind these days tend to keep a little bit of stubble all over the place, not too long to make it look messy, and yet not too short so that it won’t end up unsightly. I mean, take a look at the late Steve Job’s biography, that picture on the cover is hypnotic to say the least, and I would say the man himself would give a nod to the Remington Touch Control Beard & Stubble Trimmer that clearly marks the future of trimmer designs, sporting an LED touchscreen for a futuristic set of controls.

Capable of offering up to 175 different lengths that range from 0.4mm to 18.0mm, it is also able to handle just about every style, ranging from standard stubble to a moderate moustache. What say you? Clearly something like this is going to cost a premium over your regular stubble trimmer, where the Remington Touch Control Beard & Stubble Trimmer comes with a $50 price tag to boot.

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