BlackBerry StormNow that some of the BlackBerry devices feature larger displays, they are subjected to the same amount of battery drain that most smartphones face today. We all know there is a price to pay for larger, full-colored displays. Well, the folks over at the official BlackBerry blog have decided to write a primer to help those of you who want to squeeze in an extra few hours of battery life from your BlackBerry phones.


It appears that apps left open (even when they’re not in use) can affect the battery life of BlackBerry devices, so close any apps that you aren’t using. Another tip (which works on all smartphones) is to turn off connections that aren’t in use. Turn off WiFi when you’re not in range or not planning to use it, the same thing goes for Bluetooth and 3G. However, if you’re in a location with weak 3G coverage but you have WiFi available, turn on WiFi instead.

Other tips include using a holster, enabling auto on/off, and changing the brightness of the display’s backlight. While all these tips should be second nature for regular smartphone users, I learnt something new – using a cotton swab or dry cloth to clean the metal contacts of the battery and the phone every few months should help as well. Anyone has tips to share about extending battery life (be it for BlackBerry or any other phone) drop a comment below. Be sure to check out our Android battery life guide as well.

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