Robot peels grapeWe know that doctors and surgeons can end up pretty emotionally devastated especially when they are too involved in a patient’s life only to have that patient’s life slip through their hands despite giving it his/her best shot. Well, while humans need some time off or a break to get away from it all, robots on the other hand do not suffer from any form of fatigue or emotional stress. Why then, should a robot take a break (apart from maintenance purposes, of course)? Well, perhaps doing something different for a robot might lead to it being applied in different departments or areas of industry.

Case in point, the surgical robot you see here known as the da Vinci robot, where it can not only perform complicated surgical procedures, but is also pretty adept at peeling a grape as you can see in the video after the jump. The da Vinci robot can also fold origami cranes, paper airplanes, and play Operation (the game). Seems to be a fun bot to have around, don’t you think so?

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