Rumor: 5TB Seagate hard drives on their wayHow large is your most spacious hard drive in your desktop at the moment? 1TB? Well, it seems that the ante is about to be upped by another level as boffins continue their unrelentless march towards improving current technology by walking towards tomorrow. It seems that a Seagate Middle East salesperson was reported to suffer from a case of the “slip of the tongue”, letting out Seagate’s future plans of 5TB hard drives arriving – as soon as three months time to boot.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, he is known as “Christian from Seagate”, where his video interview was also mentioned on Twitter. About six minutes into the video that you can view after the jump, he mentioned, “Now we have 1TB per disk. If you just do a simple calculation … now a drive can have five disks … so suddenly you make the disk 5TB … within three months you will see it.” What do you think?

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