Shake to Undo your mistakesWe all know how iOS popularized multi-touch functionality on touchscreen devices, not to mention change the way we interact with software as well as play games. Well, it seems as though the next step of interaction with your machine would include more direct, physical action. Here is an app for the Mac that will allow you to undo your mistakes not through multiple clicks of the mouse button on a menu function or using a keyboard shortcut – it has the novelty of literally shaking your Mac to undo mistakes.

Aptly called Shake to Undo, this particularly simple app is no doubt inspired by the Etch-A-Sketch of yore, where a simple shake would erase whatever you have doodled. Relying on the sudden motion sensor that is located in the MacBook, it will then trigger the Command+Z function. While the default command connected to this response is for “Undo”, I am sure with a little bit of tinkering around, you might be able to change the command. Use this only if you’re running on an SSD with your MacBook, otherwise I’d avoid this like the bubonic plague.

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