Shapeshifting mobile camera lensMost of modern day inventions were inspired by nature, and the camera lens is no different. The latest mobile camera lens can shapeshift itself to adapt, which is somewhat similar to the human eye, making it possibly the world’s smallest autofocus lens for mobile devices. It seems that Apple, Nokia, Samsung and LG are already lining up to have a closer look at this invention since it does have the potential of being faster and more power efficient compared to traditional mobile device cameras.

Instead of relying on an autofocus mechanism, this new mobile camera lens will focus just like the human eye, through a variation in the lens shape. We humans squeeze or relax our flexible lenses so that the curvature can be altered, which affects how near or far we can focus on things. The mimicry involves a soft lens as well as materials that could mimic the eye muscles that control the lens. The end result is a device that comprises of four different layers, measuring all of half a millimeter thin as well as 3.5 millimeters across.

It is also said to be far faster than a motor-driven camera “because it’s just changing shape — you don’t have to move chunks of mass around” – according to researcher Dag Wang.

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