One of the interesting questions I had about Siri is that will it work across the board? Voice recognition on paper sounds great, but given that even in a country like the US where the English language is spoken a great deal, but what about those who speak english with an accent? Would Siri be able to differentiate and recognize those users as well?

Siri is without doubt one of the highlights of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, and while it demoed great on stage, what about real world application? Stuff magazine based in the UK decided to find out for themselves by putting Siri to the test with the British accent, which you can check out in the demo video below. It appears that Siri had no problems identifying the British accent, although given that in the UK, you will come across a wide variety of accents as well, ranging Scottish to Irish and Welsh, we’ll have to see how Siri handles those.

As for countries whose native language isn’t english, will support for those languages or accents be added in the future or will Siri be limited to just a select few regions? If Apple is indeed hoping to break into developing markets, having one of your key features in your product not perform up to par certainly isn’t the way to go about it.

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