Skull MP3 Player II makes for good Halloween decorations

If you’re planning on holding a Halloween party in your house, why not keep to theme of things and pump scary music through the Skull MP3 Player II by Brando? For those who follow Brando’s products, the Skull MP3 Player II is the successor to the Skull MP3 Player, which featured a more futuristic look with its light-up eyes and everything.

The Skull MP3 Player II however looks more retro/vintage, and should look pretty good amongst the rest of your Halloween decorations. It features a USB port and an SD card slot, and will be able to read both MP3 and WMA audio files directly off your USB devices or SD(HC)/MMC memory card.

For those who prefer the selection from their MP3 players, not to worry as the Skull MP3 Player II will also sport a 3.5mm stereo audio connector, which will basically allow you to connect your MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to it. For those interested, the Skull MP3 Player II will set you back $43 and will be available from Brando’s website.

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