Smartphones locked down remotelyNow this is a rather interesting story – a team of researchers over at Virgina Tech have managed to cobble together a software which is capable of putting smartphones under lockdown remotely – a seemingly perfect tool for those who are involved in espionage activities, folks who store medical records, and even parents who want to yield more “executive power” by preventing their children from “sexting”.

Basically, the handsets under this software can access sensitive data within a certain boundary, let’s say a specific room for example’s sake, but the moment the devices leave the room, all data will be completely wiped out. According to Jules White, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, “This level of complexity and security, nobody else has. There are commercial products that do limited versions of these things, but nothing that allows for automating wiping and complete control of settings and apps on smart phones and tablets.”

I wonder whether a commercial version of this software will be released in the future, and will it meet any objections from different quarters?

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