Sony launches PlayStation Vita developer diaries

Sony PlayStation VitaNow that the official release date for the PlayStation Vita has been announced, what else is there to say about the device? Well, the folks over at Sony have started a new video series called “PSVita Developer Diaries” which lets us know about the creation process of the PlayStation Vita. The first episode “The Genesis” has been released, and is about how the Vita first came about and what went into its design.

Judging by the video you can tell that Sony really is proud of the machine and can’t wait to get it into our hands. While the hardware definitely is top notch, let’s hope that Sony doesn’t suffer the same fate as Nintendo when it comes to the number of games for its portable console. Anyway, check out the first episode of the developer diaries. Expect more episodes in the coming months, together with launch details about the PlayStation Vita.

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