Are you spending a chunk of your time each day with StarCraft 2? While seasoned RTS gamers will be able to find weaknesses in the artificial intelligence (AI) of games after a while, others who are new to the genre will definitely find it to be a challenge. Well, StarCraft 2 has its fair share of challenges, but it also allows one to develop different mods and hacks, including manipulating the AI.

Stanford graduate student Matt Fisher decided to “enhance” the SC2 AI his way by relying on the D3D9 API Interceptor project alongside his experience with graphics coding, enabling his AI player to make up to 500 decisions each minute, which translates to around 2,000 actions per minute (APM) in real time combat. When compared to the best human players, they make around 300 APM, but you can be sure that their actions are the cream of the crop – just like chess.

So far, Matt has sent the AI against all of the “non-insane” computer opponents that are available in the game, beating them out soundly. His ultimate aim? To defeat human players on with his AI, although I think it will be quite the challenge for him.

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