Swype purchased for $100 million by Nuance Nuance dug deep into their coffers for Swype – to the tune of a cool $100 million thereabouts in fact – according to a source who knows all the wheelings and dealings that is going on. Seattle-based startup Swype is something of a revolution when it comes to virtual keyboards if you find it difficult to make the transition from a physical QWERTY keyboard over to a virtual one.

Originally launched at a TechCrunch conference in 2008, this software enables those using mobile devices with virtual keyboards input text at superior speeds compared to how your fingers dance all over the individual keys at the moment – more often than not making mistakes.

Nuance currently has T9 technology which oddly enough, is a direct competitor to Swype. Guess having both technologies under the same roof will definitely see changes (and hopefully improvements) on both sectors, and we do not know how current Nuance T9 products will be affected by this latest purchase.

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