T-Mobile, the only major US carrier that has yet to offer the iPhone as part of its portfolio, has just announced new (and interesting, of course) updates to Bobsled after working with Vivox. This has squarely positioned Bobsled as T-Mobile’s bid to deliver “a universal way to communicate however and whenever when connected to the Web.” Among the features that are part of the update include Bobsled’s ability to call, send and receive messages, in addition to voice messaging one’s Facebook contacts at any time.

In order to implement this service, T-Mobile will deliver the ability to turn on a sort of Bobsled toolbar which comes in the guise of a Facebook app, where this tab will be displayed in your browser so that you can more or less view it all the time. It will also slide along web pages, letting you gain access to calling options in a jiffy.

Bobsled offers free calling to mobile and landline numbers in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and is also available as a mobile app for the two most popular mobile platforms of today – Android and iOS, so that you are able to make free calls from your device. Anyone given it a go already?

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