There is a new Katamari game coming your way for all you fans of the franchise, and Touch My Katamari would be the latest title as it makes its way towards the PS Vita. This game from Namco Bandai will also be available on the very same day when the PS Vita is revealed in the US – that is, on February 22nd itself next year.

Logic had never been the strong suit of Katamari games, and the Prince’s next adventure would be just as absurd as its previous outings. Touch My Katamari is said to do things right with the two-analog stick version, where you can also choose to use the front touchscreen display to control the ball.

Even more unique is the fact that you can manipulate the rear touch panel for controls, where your fingers will be used to stretch and squeeze the ball into oblong shapes in order to help the Prince navigate under short passageways or into narrow crevasses. Are you looking forward to this post-Valentine’s Day gift?

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