Twitter receives Tweet trademarkIt might seem rather strange that Twitter does not yet own the “tweet” or “Tweet” trademark – but I guess all of that has changed now. Apparently, the word is a registered trademark of a company known as Twittad, where they claim to be “the largest and most effective form of sponsored advertising on Twitter.” The company actually trademarked the word “tweet” after making the most of its slogan “Let Your Ad Meet Tweets” for its company a few years ago, and hence obtained the registration due to the fact that no one opposed it.

Not until last month, that is, when Twitter filed a lawsuit against Twittad hoping that this bit of legal action might result in the company to cancel its trademark. In fact, Twitter sort of tried an underhanded tactic by suspending Twittad’s twitter account, despite the fact that it has been lifeless. Irrespective, Twittad and its chief executive James Eliason stood firm on their position, claiming that “Twitter’s users came up with “tweet,” the word is fair game.”

I guess all’s well that ends well with Twitter spokeswoman Lynn Fox mentioning today that “we’ve arrived at a resolution with Twittad that recognizes consistent use of Tweet while supporting the continued success of Twitter ecosystem partners like Twittad.”

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