U.S. drone fleet hit by computer virusIt looks like as long as there’s software, there will be viruses, and this time the U.S. military’s Predator and Reaper drone fleet have somehow managed to get themselves infected with a virus. Not just any virus, but a key logging virus. Apparently this virus was reported to have been discovered by the military’s Host-Based Security System about two weeks back, but it appears that no one is panicking at the moment.

According to sources, attempts have been made to remove the virus from the system, but for some odd reason, despite wiping it from their system, it keeps coming back. They also aren’t sure if this malware was installed by accident or done on purpose, but for now all it does is it logs every keystroke used to fly the drones remotely during their missions. At the moment it appears to be benign and no data was recorded as having been transmitted. Naturally the military has declined to comment about this particular issue.

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