Bicycles made out of wood? Well, what you see above is definitely not the first of its kind, and it also is not going to be the last. What you see above though, is hand-made, being a near all-wooden bike by Dutch industrial designer Jan Gunneweg, where it boasts stunning detail that is certainly worth drooling over.

Jan used solid walnut to develop this particular bicycle which tips the scales at under 35 pounds, where the bike’s special cachet is all in the wheels. Each wheel will boast a thick wooden spoke that creates the visual impression that there is a continuous line from the front wheel, where it will go through the frame and all the way to the rear wheel.

According to Gunneweg, the spokes “symbolize the legs of man,” in addition to the fact that “balancing the wheels was pretty challenging because of the width of the wooden spoke.” Interestingly enough, wood and bamboo might soon be the material of choice for bikes of the future since they are far more sustainable than the energy-intensity of steel and aluminium.

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