WSJ says new iPhone 5 will not feature real 4G connectivityAccording to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the latest iPhone from Apple, which is about to be unleashed upon the masses anytime now, will not be able to run on the fastest wireless networks around. It might be able to usher in super long lines at stores, mad rushes for the smartphone, but surely the fastest possible downloads is out of the question. Guess this will come in a future revision of the iPhone, or we will just have to wait until next year when the iPhone 6 ambles into the scene.

You can rule LTE (Long Term Evolution) or WiMAX fourth-generation networks out of the picture with the iPhone 5, and while AT&T claims that their HSPA+ network has 4G-like speeds, actual tests performed in real life do say otherwise. One might be theoretical, but let’s just be practical when it comes to network performance, especially during data downloads and transfer.

Needless to say, 4G support or not, the lack of it will not hamper the iPhone 5′s sales in any way, although there will be an extremely tiny minority who might just gripe and whine about the situation and still bring home the iPhone 5 anyways.

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